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Thursday, 14 April 2016 00:00

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Product Brochures

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RFID NFC Development Tools brochures.

Base HD - XRCA autonomous reader user manual

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User manual , how to use Base HD (uFR XRCa) autonomous reader device with TWR Demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Check here for most frequent questions. If you can't find answer here, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

uFR Nano RS232 pinout

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uFR Series Nano RS232 model pinout brief.

Communication protocol - uFR Series - V3.6 en

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Latest document revision 3.6 (April 14th 2016)

Fixed typo at 0x70 command SET_UART_SPEED


uFR Series API reference V3.1 en

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Latest document revision 3.0 April 14th 2016


DESFire demo user manual

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User manual for using DESFire demo application. Check for application at Tools section

USB to RS485 interface converter

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OS X - MacRaspberryPiLinux ARMAndroidLinux 64bitLinux 32bitWinXPWin7

Device specification, pin layout, driver installation...

uFR XRc Pin Layout and Connections

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OS X - MacRaspberryPiLinux 64bitLinux 32bitWinXPWin7

Pin layout and connections for uFR XRc NFC Reader Writer with relays.

uFR Specification and Software Installation

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uFR series specification and software installation.

Software Examples : Simple

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How to use "Simple" type of SDK examples.

Software Examples : Simplest

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How to use "Simplest" SDK examples.

Software Examples : Advanced

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How to use "Advanced" SDK examples.

Software uFR2FileSystem-user manual

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How to implement and use uFR2FileSystem software.

UFR Lock & UnLock software user manual

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How to use uFR Lock & UnLock Software tool.